Enterprise VAMOSC 


Enterprise Visibility and Management of Operating and Support Costs (EVAMOSC) is a data platform that collects and reports actual operating and support (O&S) cost data for all major weapon systems. Managed by the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Cost Assessment and Program Evaluation (OSD CAPE) in collaboration with the Services, EVAMOSC brings together sustainment cost data from across the DoD into a unified system.

The data in EVAMOSC will not only address capability gaps in the cost community, but will also be useful in program review, readiness planning, and the acquisition community.

Service members maintain or repair various weapons systems

Unification & Consistency

OSD CAPE has a statutory requirement to develop an enterprise
O&S cost database (EVAMOSC) that includes:

Spreadsheets and charts icon
data repository
for relevant operations & sustainment data
Dictionary icon
data definitions
, structure, and business rules for sustainment cost data
Cube structure icon
data structures
, taxonomy, and data dictionary for Service O&S cost data
Computer connected to manufacturing, shipping, maintenance, and technical systems
logon procedure
for access to Service O&S cost data
EVAMOSC Statutory Requirements


For details on how EVAMOSC will fulfill its mandate to report O&S data in a common structure across all Services and weapon systems, see the EVAMOSC Data Governance Policy page.

EVAMOSC Data Governance Policy

Recent News

Consolidated VAMOSC Tool (CVT) 1.0.0 available now

CVT 1.0.0 contains all currently available data from the Service VAMOSC systems (Air Force’s AFTOC, Navy VAMOSC, and the Army’s OSMIS), standardized into the cost element structure in the OSD CAPE O&S Cost Guide. Utilizing DoD-published inflation indices, the CVT enables users to select both constant-year and then-year inflation indices for O&S cost data.

Find CVT 1.0.0 in CADE Data & Analytics, Endorsed DTMHub.

O&S Cost Estimating Guide published Sept 2020

OSD CAPE's Operating and Support Cost Guide provides best practices for O&S cost estimates and defines the standard OSD O&S cost element structure for use in sustainment data reporting.

This document categorizes and defines cost elements that cover the full range of O&S costs that could be encountered in any major weapon system.